#112 Understand Wawa

IMG_9298As I look at the remaining tasks on the bucket list and talk to my friends about them, I have come to realize that for many of them, I am coming very late to the party! Since freshman year, I have heard friends talking about making “Wawa runs” at all hours of the evening and night. I thought it was just popular among my friends and fellow college students, but there was an article published just yesterday about the “cult of Wawa” and how “Here in the Philadelphia area, Wawa is much more than a convenience store. It is a provider, a security blanket, [and] a beacon in the dark” (philly.com, 2016)

IMG_9296How could I go my four years without stopping in? So without further ado, I tagged along with a friend when she made her Wawa run one night last week. A couple nights before I had a big research project and film presentation due, I was definitely in need of caffeine and a midnight snack. Wawa was certainly able to provide both! In addition to convenience store-like offerings like drinks, snacks, and coffee, Wawa has a hot food counter, speciality hot/iced beverage bar, and even a fresh pastry display. There were honestly too many choices! I ended up getting an iced coffee and turkey cheddar wrap. With those in hand, I was able to start tackling my two big projects! With my thesis due in a couple months, I’m sure I’ll be making some more Wawa runs before I leave!

#9 Discover Your Favorite Hope’s Cookie

IMG_9284Another week, another bucket list item completed. After almost four years, I have finally not only discovered my favorite Hope’s cookie, but had my very first one as of this Sunday! Hope’s Cookies is very popular shop on the mainline, sharing a space with another local favorite (especially at the colleges!) Peace a Pizza. Fun fact, Hope’s was opened by a fellow mawrter! Everybody I talked to couldn’t believe I had never had one of their cookies before, but that’s only because the Peanut Butter Cup ice cream they offer is to die for, and I have always ordered a scoop over a cookie. Being number nine on the original BMC bucket list, I knew I had to discover my favorite flavor before the semester was over.

And the winner is…. the White Chocolate Cranberry!

Taking (and Celebrating) the First Step

In my last blog post, I wrote about my goal of making an effort to notice, appreciate, and celebrate the small things during my day and in my life. I began work on my thesis this weekend, a project that is due in its entirety on April 29th. My nonchalant first thought when I heard this was, “Cool, it’s not due until April”. However, that very quickly became a panicked, “OH MY GOSH IT’S DUE IN APRIL.”

One of my assignments for this week was to make a week by week plan with everything I need to do for my project leading up to Spring Break. As I was filling it out, I realized there are now only five full weeks until break. While I would usually be ecstatic about that, I am hoping for once that the weeks don’t go by too quickly. There are two reasons for this. First, because that means I will need to have all of my data collected for my thesis and be ready to begin the writing process, and two, because I will have that much less time with my friends and mentors who have become an integral part of my life.

IMG_9110So, in the spirit of my new goal, one of my best friends and I went out Saturday night to celebrate both each other and my small accomplishment: taking the first of many steps towards completing my thesis. We finally made it to a restaurant we have been dying to try since the first week of classes last semester. We had dinner at Xolo Tacos, and after being spoiled with authentic food from home over break, I had really high hopes for our meal. It was beyond my expectations! We sat next to the kitchen and had a front row view to all of the delicious food coming out sizzling and steaming away. It certainly made our mouths water and stomachs growl waiting for our own yummy dinners.

IMG_9112We had a fantastic night, and we made a promise to have more nights like it with our friends. While we were only away for a couple of hours, we got to break the Bryn Mawr bubble, get off campus, enjoy some truly incredible food, and make another night of memories. While the prospect of my thesis still feels rather daunting, it felt good to celebrate friendship and the first (however small) step towards finishing my project. I am reminded of a quote by Lao Tzu which has gotten me through many big projects, decisions, and of course journeys, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

No matter how small.

Dinner Out on the Town


El Limon can be found at 845 W. Lancaster Ave. in Bryn Mawr. I highly recommend it!

Just when I was about to give up hope that I would find a good and authentic restaurant that reminded me of home before I graduated, I found the most delicious place I’ve been to on our section of Lancaster Ave. this weekend. With six months to spare, I found El Limon, a Mexican Taqueria just a seven minute walk away from campus. During my first year, I was pretty homesick. I missed my family, friends, home, and of course the local food! The town of Bryn Mawr has some pretty diverse choices for a dinner out with friends with everything from Indian, sushi, Chinese, pizza, pub fare, and (almost) everything in between. Bryn Mawr was missing a yummy Mexican restaurant. We used to have a Qdoba and Ardmore has a Chipote, but those can’t compare!

IMG_8343Funnily enough, I found one in Edinburgh, Scotland before we had one here! El Limon is a local chain with a handful of other locations in the area. According to some internet research, the Bryn Mawr location opened up in July and it has stellar reviews from people online, and my opinion is no different. One of my best friends and I went on Friday evening.

When we arrived, it was starting to get busy, but it wasn’t too crowded yet. The staff were all very welcoming and our waitress was so friendly. The menu offered a little bit of everything and I saw many familiar items from home. By the time our meals came, the whole restaurant was bustling.

IMG_8344All of the prices were incredibly reasonable, an almost rare quality in this area, and the portions were more than enough. I got the carnitas enchiladas with tomatillo sauce and my friend ordered nachos with steak on top. We were both very content and full by the end of our visit. I only wish El Limon had been around the last three and a half years! It would have been a little taste of home without the long flight 🙂 I’d certainly give it two thumbs up and will be going back soon!