#128 Eat a beignet at Reading Terminal Market

IMG_9233After three and a half years of trying, I am very happy to say I have FINALLY eaten beignets at Reading Terminal Market and can cross it off my bucket list. Every time we have visited, my mom has always tried to order some so that I could try them, and every time we have been met with the same response, “Sorry, we’re sold out!” And since they only make them certain days of the week, it made it even harder to get a coveted order.

Last Friday I made my into the city to take my Texas teaching exam required for me to become certified to teach in Texas after graduation. The testing center was right next to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell which meant I took the train to Jefferson station to get there. Since Reading Terminal Market is right next door to the train station, I went into the city a couple hours early to try and get my beignets, and to my surprise they were still serving them! I got my order of six small beignets and a coffee from Old City Coffee and sat down to enjoy my long anticipated treat. It was a great way to start my morning and made taking my over 200 question exam that afternoon a little sweeter! I now have two items from my additions to the bucket list left and at least 12 from the original list that I want to complete before graduation, which is now 79 (EEP) days away. Stay tuned for more posts about completing my bucket list!

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