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High School Marching Kirsten #throwback

Last weekend, I attended my first football game since my high school marching band days. Even though I must have watched and played through at least 40 games during that time, I am still hopeless when it comes to understanding the sport. Despite this, I could not pass up the opportunity to see my first (and probably only) NFL game. Bryn Mawr’s Student Activities Office is a fantastic resource on campus that plans and organizes different events and excursions to help students get off campus and experience venues/activities we might not be able to get to on our own. In the past, they’ve organized trips to the King of Prussia Mall, Phillies baseball games, and even the haunted house attraction Eastern State Penitentiary puts on each year, and that’s just a few of their events.


View of NYC from the third level of MetLife Stadium

The NFL game was one of these Student Activities excursions. Our small ticket price covered entrance to the game and transportation to New Jersey where the Philadelphia Eagles were playing the New York Jets. It was so exciting to see the New York City skyline as we wove through traffic trying to get to the stadium. As we entered the parking lot, it looked like a sea of cars and trailers interspersed with grills, tents, and all sorts of food from very, very dedicated tailgating fans. We parked right between some Jets fans and let’s just say I was glad we weren’t wearing any Eagles gear. We navigated the cars and buses and made it to the stadium where there was a growing line of people waiting to get in. We made our way through security and decided to explore the gift shop before the massive crowds flooded in. If the shop wasn’t enough to entice you, there were stands upon stands of every food you can imagine… from cheesesteaks to hot dogs and everything in between. Finally, the game began and in the end, we witnessed the Eagles win their first game of the season. We must have been good luck charms!

IMG_7649It was an incredibly fun day to spend with friends and a neat way to get off campus for a little bit. Not to mention, the weather for it was absolutely beautiful! It was good to enjoy some sunshine before Hurricane Joaquin brought the clouds, chilly temperatures, and rain to us. I definitely can’t wait to take advantage of more Student Activities events this year.


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